cherry flavored cancer

pt. 1

there’s an old saying that keeps whispering in my ear
‘if you want something wholeheartedly, the whole universe conspires to help you get it’
and after all these miles and months
between us
i still want you
or maybe its really just
the idea of love that i want
and my mind is playing tricks on me
deceiving me back into
a broken heart and
memories i spit out like table salt
you taught me how to feel like this
and i sit here with a glass of red in a fresh new city
a played fool in glass hands

pt. 2
i still want to kiss those full lips
leave you with my taste and a bitter longing after i’ve left
i’ll never admit to you that i only wanted you as mine
to entrap you in the same glass
but as a name imprisoned in a restless mind, that feeling of want and desire when it comes to you
is much stronger
than chasing the dragon
and naming the stars in the Daytime,
you remember?

i imagine my lips leaving an imprint against your pillowy cheeks
just as your sounds and bangs left on me
i slip through the door and say goodbye
a reminder that
the print would eventually leave your skin
my reality call as i sip on gin
that you could never be fully mine
as you made your print on someone else.

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