What does your soul look like?
is it bound by black letters on a single spaced page, full of promised privations?
i liked observing the darkest parts of you, potentialities that would naturally result into actualities
the most real
these thoughts of beauty and love that escape you, because you say that you are the sum of your experiences,
but what if yours are broken?
cracks made from weary hope that uproot pain
nostalgia from old kisses and tastes
and i didn’t realize it at first, but i jumped in so fast that my words escaped me and i almost drowned in what i thought was your reflection-
this was the moment i realized i was beholden to you for making my feelings resurface
impressions made on pillows and the need to be touched,
as my careless fingers wrapped around the lone kite soaring underneath a bleached sky
your untrained eyes that simply couldn’t acknowledge,
i had to let go

(image by the talented Sarah Bahbah)

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