post marked

theres no use keeping track of the months or counting the days time is sand that shall keep slipping, and it won’t lead me any closer to you.

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second time around

you’re killing yourself. all i can do is stand back and watch damage being done i already did my time standing at the edge of the hospital bed tubes fusing in and out blood slowly flowing through your limp body “he won’t make it” -doc says i began to feel my heart failing as i […]

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becoming colorless again

i’ll ask myself if you were worth the ache fervently, by each rising day and closing night if your touch was enough for me, as its lived on and stayed in my mind if you were satisfied, and the growing thirst in your mouth had been quenched we both reached our peak in youth crafting […]

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specular reflection sun glitter amidst an intrepid tide, particles forming and breaking fully submerged and submissive to the rhythmic sea-front my eyes were lost in their allure and vulnerability- very much like they were with you pennies shining through a cascade, flowerets openly fusing in the breeze and across closed eyes, seagulls speaking in pitch… […]

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i’ve always been a believer of listening to good music when life feels fucked. turning it up so loud that thought gets swallowed and avoidance seeps in. i was in the moment, i had let every beat come and go and dance over me from the exact moment i met you till the last watching […]

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What does your soul look like? is it bound by black letters on a single spaced page, full of promised privations? i liked observing the darkest parts of you, potentialities that would naturally result into actualities the most real these thoughts of beauty and love that escape you, because you say that you are the […]

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