freedom from the box that made them trapped them aajaadee, khud se anajaan unaware of themselves unaware of the world unaware of their families what has the world given us? what have we truly taken from it why has the fear of life slipped into sober eyes, and love landed in intoxicated? running away, or […]

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The Sun

Trying to pursue treasure in the darkest cave, glimmer resiliently shines in the mines even so, i just don’t know how to pick my cards anymore intuition has been replaced with ongoing fear of today, of tomorrow I’m stuck in this vagueness, in refuge of clarity

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fresh faced; she is filled with beauty and wisdom silken hair and salient cheekbones crinkled eyes and rudy lips face like the moon, varnishing light against gray shadows but her eyes are eternally reflecting pain insanity for the purest form Love “one hit, and you’ll see everything differently”

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hidden objects

my hardened eyes reflect back to the sophisticated and enthralling light, have you ever looked at something and felt the entirety of your life and the ringing of your pulse through it?

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bleach in my mouth till these old words spill onto transparency, who is she, to lay tangled up in afternoon sheets playing with a red, red rose petals torn left and right unfiltered film of her burning mind, enough to create the sour disposition of him.. still the foreboding question still puzzles Tomorrow at the […]

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when i come home, i seem to lose track of the days and dates sunlight streamed across reckless waves is all i need to discern the day or night, whats good or bad my pack of stale cigarettes are quietly burning in the seams of my bag, as i am reminded to be filled by […]

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cloudy world, as real as anything discernible within this earthly rhythm leaving our shadows and following light footsteps, full and undisclosed regularity, the great big fearful X foolish deep sea dive into lovers paradise, dippy and young, whether the stars burn for the lover or the lunatic? these heavenly lights against sheepish tides as we […]

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red ochre

denim heaven as velvet petals soar through sun and minds eye alike; fragrant and seeping through sunlight blocks the small corners of a dreaming eye blinding and binding as watercolors bleeding on stained glass, notes and rests bleeding songlike to the mass as these sweet tears are hung up on your flushed singularity and your […]

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