pretty bullshit

ecstasy conceived within my truth of living, young knowledge as it were, overshadowed and kept away warm rapture of found passions or the cold amiss of not, like consciousness stemmed from my dormant psyche, in the place of a high that comes and goes i’ve always been taught that the intelligible mind can only pick […]

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forlorn and longing, as water drips down subdued skin shower warm enough, surely able to repress a numbness i feel tied muscles relax as pain washes down slender shoulders and my fingers trace fragilities in the lines of my neck until the water merges with fresh tears and turns cold i tilt my head back […]

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edge of conundrum, she would say simple as a turning point in a young life where she sits and mulls over the thousand complicated possibilities, and he, fingers drumming off a vulnerable chest, i am yet again reminded of tenderness


trust in me

not having this odd fear of being in the woods during this black night is when i finally realized i just don’t feel alive enough to be afraid anymore. a heart beating somewhere in there, but the clouded mind doesn’t acknowledge it. a rich background, hardly noticeable with pearly smoke- faint sparkles strayed into opaque […]

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this reality, intelligible and full of intention, aligns with a mind in possession of knowledge and illusion processed images and the subdued reflection- of my human form and receded carbon copy as learning eyes become cognizant on worldly perceptions, plugged in consciousness tries to retaliate shielding vulnerability from the bright and burning, knowing even too […]

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big books and massive volumes stack widely brimmed corners unkept and sharp as a knife logic walks hand in hand with nonsense as no one bothered to simply write the book on living life

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time traveler

thin lashes and lethargic eyes ringed in purple it’s the beginning of an early afternoon, another gray livid, and in hiding it’s been built into my nature, a covert guilt in sleeping through half the day not to mention a steaming pot of black coffee’s my only incentive a substantial one nonetheless sensitivity of a […]

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putting together various words painting fragilities on pale faces your brown eyes reflect a sly corner of my smile, through this horizon shards of variegation, coalesce the sustaining intoxication night splash back lash bass plunging into various hearts, i’ve surrendered, grips the kind my mind can’t let go of in this cultured city to the […]

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big shadow land, billowed mist and heavy clouds, tossed antique rocks and heavy formations as am i, a particle of dust among the black and white, green and blue claiming something that doesn’t belong to me- to anyone let me inhale and pollute it a bit longer till i find what i’m truly looking for […]

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musical doodles

prickly goosebumps adrenaline rush bubbles on the tip of my tongue from this salty pale ale hushed eyes, overseeing commanding the Unsolicited with every exhale and click who knew a person couldĀ be responsible for this feeling? lucky 7’s rollin around, dreamy waves or pulling on strings from your guitar have me drifting higher higher its […]

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