12:07 am x

i look outside my bedroom window, stained snow from a war zone still breathes a still mind baited by suffocating embers of the past; jaunty daydreams have turned to rusted silver where pinky promises and delicate dreams began to harvest; and have left me black and blue it has taken the entirety of my youth […]

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i paint and the colors are more vivid, the ache subsides and the blood starts to flow, a lost smile returns from a bluer sky… muse comes to mind and you gently appear.

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how can i begin to describe the pain to you when i can’t even to myself…that the feeling of being alive feels diminished by the hour. theres a leftover chill that the warmth of this fire can’t relinquish, my hearts beating but i don’t feel fully here. my mind heaves a numbness that i can’t […]

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all you’ve left me with is a pain that my body can’t pinpoint an unclouded mind that can’t fathom a cold shower that can’t fix  

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To Sink or to Swim or to drown A numbness that heaved suffocation begging for more ticks from my bedside clock start to fixate in my mind When did everything become so riddled by Time?   (Some of my personal inspiration formed by reading The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. My heart has been […]

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he grabbed a cig from weary hands; to be inhaled once and then thrown into anonymous distance and in an instant, eyes said something that the heart wasn’t so sure it felt.  

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lived in contradiction lost traces of initial lust, fire that used to keep us alive and warm, singing and dancing is nothing but ash walk inside and you’ll see- that still perfection’s a pretty fucked facade you can’t see the pain, but still you feel an empty pit on the inside of your hollow stomach […]

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mary jane

I take a deep breath before taking a sip the only thing that remains alive in this big town is the faint breeze still rustling amongst dead trees   at the point where dead trees mingle in the shadows of strained sunlight and worn out snow- thats where we lie and where we shall pick […]

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Reality Check

But that’s the real two- faced challenge of life isn’t it? to try and accept yourself for all that you are and all that you’ve done when all you want to do is drown under the covers

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“she’s a cool girl” the last exhale of his favorite cigarette, first sentence that wins you over in a fresh book temporary, thats all she’ll ever be kept in a small box in the corner of a heart thats slipped into oblivion.

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