Dehli ’87

When anguish finally pierces the right spot and your heart cries out only then you’ll understand. A falsity of best interest and love you are meant to do this,                     you are capable of that…. Thrown as a duplicate into that same cycle Whats the point […]

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Meri Jaan

You are the semblance to a rose A Rugosa red, housing plush petals that have learned not to tear at the formidable words of others Armed with thorns, that through the touch of many hands have cultivated that you pierce those who mishandle You won’t be objectified as just another pretty little thing     […]

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Maybe its the drugs that make this world worth living, detachment from any form of remote realness I’m standing in the middle of an abandoned house. Seems like a forest, theres pine and slush sparkling and growing every which way; A past life maybe, before it was eighty-sixed Forlorn and lonely, filled to the brim […]

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Love Letters

Believe me when I tell you you are the most… You were responsible for my vulnerability, vitalizing and electrifying the best parts of myself I’ll admit you were compelling But only because you reminded me of someone else.  

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Daydreamin’ about sunny and 60 god knows my heart was frozen along with my hands