i find myself in an empty dock the waves are reaching rough and raw a chill breeze undresses me; leaves me pining the skies’ getting stormy “gray looks good on you”



heavy silver laced around fingertips cigarette entrails leave your mouth, begging to escape an indisposed mind sweet taste of cherry popsicle still stained on those lips ensurient eyes, cede to my pleasure and your pain lashes fluttering to a burning spoon, entangled in a poisoned arrangement. they say most came easy to you, but you […]

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sodden wood coexists with  waves that spoke- in a tongue i understood harmonizing pulsating with that known beat tricking my lustful eyes i look up and i see everything, maybe life’s been taught to us backwards we’re really meant to be birthed at sea and to walk upon thick clouds, eyes able to take the […]

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“Cosmic harmony of all shapes and sizes…” everything in this world fit seemingly and transformed together except you and I

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his anger was interlaced in the cracks of ice as i poured over bourbon i felt my dignity drown as i drank.

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somewhere in this city

I order a glass of Glenlivet, the 12 year old single malt twisting my tongue in remorse with every small sip. im faraway; a fleshy debates on the verge, i dreamily pick up the ritzy glass and look to the bottom darling, what do you see ? a Bounding future hanging at the grips of […]

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Contact High

im lost in this washington storm. old thoughts, fears, and the hopeless residue of my soul have been washed away equally. nice to meet you your ambitions are fresher than the fruit on those hemlock trees in the middle of july. or the seashells that get returned up onto the rightful shores of alki. you’re […]

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I feel myself getting more lucid around you, I can’t help it- I fell in love with a dream.   We’re at some stupidly lavish corporate party; my futile suggestion I’m more than a couple drinks in, my lips are chapped, and cheeks raw and red from a mental winter I taste like cheap scotch […]

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Half Full

Why do the Broken gamble on the Whole to try and make them full again? I guess the question you need to ask yourself is if loving them really fills the emptiness

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