Number nine 

I’m cold, and I spill on the coffee table  my hearts still and still surrounded by guards aghast by the pain  pitter patter on the roof  grommet sized thunder growls under branches and into the lions belly Blowing smoke into pastures of promised land while images of you are supposed to poof and here I […]

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20/20 vision

you’re soft you never let yourself sit back and just dream dream let the motions turn and dull tides rise right under sore fingertips, fingers that never brushed across her lips and fucked her tongue or ran down her curves fingers that never wiped her tears, as tending for a child is too hard big […]

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i hear you curse over the pain knife cut while slicing but i know thats not what hurt you ‘ask your father’ the same bitter recap that housewives and whores exclaim with gingerly exchange my heart sank even though its been years it was once in a blue moon he showed up he grew the […]

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cherry flavored cancer

pt. 1 there’s an old saying that keeps whispering in my ear ‘if you want something wholeheartedly, the whole universe conspires to help you get it’ and after all these miles and months between us i still want you or maybe its really just the idea of love that i want and my mind is […]

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summer divination

it’s summer; a divination meaning my skin is warm with care and every waking tropical sun meaning i’m picking off petals and placing with every lover i felt and didn’t say ones i didn’t kiss with crinkled eyes and a hinting blush meaning this summer divination is drowning in sea breeze as a tender heart […]

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we sit on opposite ends of the same wooden ledge, faces adrift hands intertwined trying to shield each other from the same pain

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you already knew you were good at what you did, you didn’t need me to be there to remind you again and you certainly didn’t need me there to be in love with you while you turned into poetry and fallen words we were disposable.

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i finally wrote his name down, instead of referring to “him” it felt good, it felt real as in, he existed he’s not just a figment although what i thought we were was

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